OKLAHOMA -- The grandfather who invited his six grandkids to dinner and only one showed up is ready to cook up some more burgers -- and you're invited.

On Saturday morning, one of the grandkids, Brock Harmon, posted on his Facebook page that "PAPAW IS HAVING A COOKOUT!!!!!!" and the invitation is open to the public.

Posted by Brock Harmon on Friday, March 18, 2016

So far, the post has been shared almost 30,000 times. The same photo posted on Twitter has gotten over 4,000 retweets and almost 5,000 likes.

Harmon said about 3,000 people have told him they were planning on attending.

"Hopefully, people come in, eat, get their pictures taken, hang out for thirty minutes or so and be courteous enough to make room for other people to show up," Harmon told KVUE.

The event is being held Mar. 26 at a flea market the family owns.

The idea for the cookout was actually Papaw's idea.

"We were talking about the whole thing and Papaw said, 'Why don't we have a cookout?,'" Harmon said.

So was the idea to sell T-shirts that said "I had a burger with Papaw."

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Harmon said the shirt is still being designed, but it will probably sell for $20-25 per shirt. The shirts will be available starting Mar. 26.

The money earned from the shirts will go towards the kids' college tuition. Kelsey and Brock are currently in college. Two of the grandkids are in high school, one is in junior high school and one works at a car dealership. Harmon sad they're also looking into some charities.

Harmon and the five other grandkids can't believe how much attention their family is receiving after Kelsey Harmon tweeted about the other kids missing dinner.

"We can’t believe something that small blew up like this. It’s crazy how social media can take something so little and magnify it to be ridiculously crazy," Brock Harmon said. "No one would ever think that our Papaw would be the most famous Papaw in the world."

His cousin, Kelsey, tweeted out a photo of their grandfather after the other grandkids didn't show up for dinner.

Since that tweet, Brock Harmon said Kelsey has gained over 30,000 followers on Twitter. He said he's gained about 7,000.

After that tweet went viral, Brock Harmon started receiving death threats for not attending dinner.

"I don’t think it was needed to be taken to that level," Harmon said.

The threats are still rolling in, along with positive messages to the family. Brock Harmon said whenever he logs into Facebook, he has hundreds of new messages waiting for him. His friend request inbox is completely full.

Brock Harmon said he and Kelsey have been swamped with messages from people they know and complete strangers.

Kelsey even posted this on Twitter.

The family did not expect the response they've gotten.

"We don’t want anyone to think we’re doing this for fame. We’re a very family-oriented family. We communicate all the time," Brock Harmon said. "We want people to learn a lesson from this -- call your grandparents, tell them you love them, go eat with them."

Most of the grandkids lives close to Papaw, only about four miles away, except for Kelsey who attends college about four hours away.

Brock Harmon said he didn't attend dinner that night because he had obligations he had made a week prior. He said the other four kids weren't told and it was a "failure to communicate." He sad Papaw called it a "miscommunication."

Kelsey Harmon told Buzzfeed that one of the good things to come of this ordeal is "it’s made young people realize how important family is.”