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Resolution to bring daylight saving time to a vote passes Texas House

Daylight saving time has been a hot topic in multiple states on whether it should be done away with.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas House has passed a resolution that would allow voters to choose whether to keep observing daylight saving time.

The House approved HJR 117, which will give voters the option to choose to observe daylight saving time year-round or have the state exempt from daylight saving time.

While there will be the options to choose between the two, the resolution does not include an option to continue the current process which has Texans changing their clocks twice a year.


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If this resolution continues through the political process there will be a vote on Nov. 5, 2019.

Within the resolution, it is said voters will have the opportunity to choose which option they prefer and authorize the legislature to put forth legislation that will make the change the majority of voters select.


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