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What's my district? Find out what will be on your 2018 election ballot

Find out what candidates and issues will be on your ballot before you head to the polls on election day.

AUSTIN — Before you vote, you need to know who's going to be on your ballot.

All Texans who vote decide statewide races, but ballots will vary widely around Central Texas based on the candidates, bonds and other local issues unique to your location.

So, how do you find out what your ballot will look like?

One simple way to find out which districts you live in is to plug in your residential address on Texas.gov, which will tell you your:

  • Congressional District
  • Texas Senate District
  • Texas House of Representatives District
  • Texas State Board of Education District

More information about what you can find on your ballot can be found here.

You can then use that information to brush up on all the candidates running and everything else you need to know before election day by visiting our Vote Texas page.

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