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Do you need to bring a voter registration card to vote?

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AUSTIN, Texas — Questions continue to come into the KVUE newsroom about voting and the election, so we're answering some of them.

Question: "If I was registered to vote in the last election and didn't change my address, do I need to register again?"

Answer: No, you do not have to register again.

Question: "If I recently married and changed my last name, what do I need to do to legally vote?"

Answer: You'll need to update your registration with the state. In Texas, it's basically the same process as changing your address if you didn't change counties. You can either do it online or by filling out a registration form and mailing it to the county registrar's office.

Question: "I can't find my normal voter registration card. I went online and printed it out. Is that sufficient?"

Answer: According to the Texas Secretary of State's office, you don't need to bring that card with you to vote, but it's highly recommended that you have it. If you lost it, you need to contact your county for a new one. New cards are mailed out every two years to the most recent address the county has on file for you.

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