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Austin woman drives to San Antonio to take her family to the polls, support them during the voting process

An Austin woman encouraged her hesitant family to make sure they cast their ballot in the 2020 election.

AUSTIN, Texas — An Austin woman was determined to get her family to the polls on Sunday morning while hoping to encourage others to do the same.

Misty Rhodes told KVUE her mom and 20-year-old twin sisters weren't planning on voting because they were worried the process might be overwhelming or intimidating.

Rhodes got up bright and early to drive to San Antonio to chauffeur them to the nearest polling site and support them during the process, an effort she hopes will inspire others. 


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"I told them, 'Ladies, we are going to vote today! If you can do your part, let's go ahead and do it. It's easy. It's simple. If you need a ride ... reach out ... see if someone can give you a ride to the voting poll,'" said Rhodes.

Rhodes' sister, Uriel D'Marco, said the process was much easier than she thought it would be and added she's grateful she went.

"When Misty called and said she wanted to make this a whole family event, it was kind of cool that, you know, our section of the family is all really close and it seems like we all want our voices to be heard and we know everyone in the family is kind of shy. Misty is our pusher to get us out of the shell," said D'Marco. 

Rhodes' family told KVUE they plan on voting in future elections.

WATCH: Early voting: Austin woman drives to San Antonio to take family to vote


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