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As massive growth continues, Liberty Hill ISD brings bonds back to voters

The district claims this new bond will not raise the tax rate. Residents say it's important to weigh in on these props.

LIBERTY HILL, Texas — One of the fastest growing school districts in the state is trying to accommodate a lot more students. Liberty Hill ISD is hosting a $471 million bond election.

The district is expecting to see its enrollment more than double in the next decade.

If you visit, you will see rows and rows of new homes and dirt being moved to make way for new construction. Liberty Hill local Holly Pringle said these are signs of massive growth in the town.

"We've seen it grow drastically. My husband attended Liberty Hill High School and he graduated in 1990," Pringle said.

The schools they went to are now making room for more students. This spring, voters are weighing in on Liberty Hill ISD bond proposals worth almost half a billion dollars.

The district just approved a bond in 2021 to deal with growth, but Superintendent Steven Snell said it needs more money to keep up that momentum.

"We have Elementary 8 and Elementary 9. It also has money to finish High School 2. So we're going to break ground on our second high school this August," Snell said.

Prop A would help the district build new schools, renovate old ones and add safety measures.

Credit: Ford Sanders / KVUE

"One thing we didn't expect, the year after the bond passed, we grew by 23.5%. One out of four students in our district were brand new Panthers to our district," Snell said.

Props B and C would help the district buy new technology and pay for Liberty High School stadium renovations.

"We just have been encouraging everybody to get out and vote because we don't want our kids in a bunch of portable buildings and, you know, we need them to have the good facilities," Pringle said.

The district said this new bond proposal will not raise the tax rate. So residents like Pringle say it's important to weigh in on these props.

"You have to vote because, one way or the other, you need to have a say on it because you're either going to be against it or for it," Pringle said.

This once-small Central Texas town is now booming and making room for the future.

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