AUSTIN, Texas — In the world of American politics, the day after Labor Day is when candidates kick their campaigns into high gear. To make sure you have all the facts you need, KVUE is launching an online voter guide September 4th.

At, users will find information ranging from how to register to vote to candidate interviews and profiles.

With the Nov. 6 election approaching, candidates are launching new ads and more attacks against their opponents. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

"There's a governor who months ago bought $16 million in television advertising in advance. So we know that's going to be wall to wall," said Ross Ramsey, Executive Editor of the Texas Tribune. "The Cruz and O'Rourke race, between those two candidates, they've raised, you know, $30 million or so. And then Cruz has PACs behind him so that's that much more money."

But the big question is will the ads and campaigning be enough to motivate people to vote. A University of Texas study ranked Texas as 47th in the nation for voter turnout in 2016.

According to the Texas Secretary of State's office, for the 2016 presidential election about 19.3 million Texans were of voting age, about 15.1 million were registered to vote, but less than nine million actually voted. That means of all the people old enough to vote, just 46 percent casted votes.

Texans have until Oct. 9 to register to vote. Early voting begins Oct. 22 and Election Day is Nov. 6.