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How to hand-deliver mail-in ballots in Travis County starting Oct. 1

If you plan to deliver your mail-in ballot by hand, here's what you'll need to know.

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — Editor's note: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation Oct. 1, limiting where eligible voters can drop off their marked mail-in ballots. Beginning on Oct. 2, voters must deliver their mail ballots to a single early voting clerk's office location as designated by a county's early voting clerk.

Prior to a proclamation issued by the governor of Texas, Travis County voters had the opportunity to deliver their mail-in ballots at four different drive-thru locations on Oct. 1. 

Now, Travis County voters may deliver their mail-in ballots at one location. Starting Oct. 2, only the location on 5501 Airport Blvd. will be open for hand delivery from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 700 Lavaca garages and 1010 Lavaca parking lot locations will be closed.

Once early voting begins on Oct. 13, hand-delivery hours will be expanded.

Travis County officials said it's important to note that this is not drive-thru voting, which is not an option in the county.

The requirements for hand delivery include:

  • Voters may only hand-deliver their own carrier envelope. 
  • Voters will be asked to present an acceptable form of ID. 
  • They will be asked to sign a signature roster. 
  • They will then deposit their mail-in ballot into a ballot box.

According to state law, ballots can only be delivered to locations where the county clerk conducts regular business. State law also does not allow for mail-in ballots to be dropped off in a dropbox. They must be mailed back or hand-delivered to the Airport Boulevard location.

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How it works in Bastrop County

Bastrop County voters can also drop off their ballots at the Bastrop County Elections Department located at 804 Pecan St. until 7 p.m. on Election Day. They can also choose to send their ballots via USPS or a contract courier. 

Only the voter who voted can hand-deliver and they must present an acceptable form of identification. The voter can also show a List B identification and complete a reasonable impediment declaration.

The voter must sign their Carrier Envelope as if they were preparing for it to be mailed (except for postage). The marked ballot must be included in the envelope, which must be signed, and the ballot will be reviewed by the early voting ballot board to verify the voter’s signature. The election official will then add the voter’s name to the “Signature Roster – Hand Delivery of Ballot by Mail” and ask the voter to sign the signature column on the corresponding numbered line.

The elections department will offer a curbside drop off starting Oct. 13. Voters are asked to travel eastbound on Walnut Street, between Water Street and Pecan Street. 

Officials will accept ballots curbside Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. between Oct. 13 and Oct. 30 and also on Tuesday, Nov. 3.


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