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Daily early voting turnout slightly decreases in Travis County, but county clerk expects an increase

As of Saturday evening, 49% of registered Travis County voters have cast their ballot.

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — While the overall voter turnout has been high, Travis County is seeing a slight decrease in the number of people voting daily compared to the start of early voting.

"I literally just walked right in and it was super easy," said voter Sarah Lamb.

There was no wait time for Lamb on Saturday morning at the Renaissance Austin Hotel voting location – the opposite of what we saw at the start of early voting.

In the first four days of early voting, more than 35,000 people voted daily in Travis County, but since then we haven't hit that daily mark. Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvior said this is expected.

"I did think that for this election, we were going to see some leveling out after the first few days of early voting, and while it has dropped just a little bit, not that much, we are still headed to a very large turnout," said DeBeauvior. 

As of Saturday evening, 49% of registered voters in Travis County voted early. That's more than in 2012 and close to the 2016 total that sits just over 51%. 

We still have six days of early voting left. 

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"We may see 25,000 people vote per day instead of our initial estimate of 30,000 people voting," said DeBeauvior. "That won't make that much of a difference in the overall turnout, though."

She added, "We're still going to see 600,000 people vote early by the time this is over, and it's possible we could go higher."

No matter how the voting lines fluctuate, Lamb said people should make sure their voices are heard. 

"If you see things that you don't agree with and you want to bring a change, just remember when there are days with lines it's worth it to get your voice heard," Lamb. 

The last day to vote early is Oct. 30. Election Day is Nov. 3.


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