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Conservative think tank tweets since-deleted list of critical race theory 'language,' Texas Tribune reports

The Texas Tribune reported that the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted a list entitled "How to identify critical race theory in the classroom."

AUSTIN, Texas — A conservative Austin think tank tweeted a list of words and phrases it believes signal critical race theory is being taught in a classroom, according to The Texas Tribune. The tweet from the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) has since been deleted.

According to a screenshot captured by the Texas Tribune, the TPPF tweeted a list entitled "How to identify critical race theory in the classroom." The list included words and phrases such as "equity, diversion, and inclusion"; "micro-aggressions"; "anti-racism"; "white privilege / fragility / supremacy / culture / prejudice"; and "normative."

Credit: The Texas Tribune
A now-deleted tweet by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, screenshot by The Texas Tribune.

In mid-June, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a controversial bill that details how Texas teachers can talk about current events and America's history of racism in the classroom. Texas is now one of a handful of states that have passed such a law.

According to The Texas Tribune, critical race theory is an academic term that "studies how race and racism have impacted social and local structures in the United States." Recently, Abbott said the agenda for an upcoming special session will include the further restricting of critical race theory teachings.

On Thursday, Texas Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey criticized the list tweeted by the TFPP in an analysis, saying that it is "interesting that conservatives who decry cancel culture and politically correct language have produced a document to assist those who want to cancel an approach to history and sociology based on words and phrases that might turn up when they're used by teachers."

Ramsey wrote that teachers have to tell their students about race, gender, power, conformity and nonconformity; about how to change the things they don't like if they live in a democracy; and about "who has an easy ride and who has a hard one – and why that so often doesn't depend on education and skill, but on 'social constructs' and identity."

Read Ramsey's full analysis.

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