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SB-15 pushed through Senate Committee, keeps Austin's sick leave policy out of reach

Senate Bill 15 was pushed through the Senate Committee on State Affairs Thursday and will now move on to the full Senate.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs pushed Senate Bill 15 through on Thursday.

Next, the bill will be addressed by the full Senate.

If Senate Bill 15 is passed, it would make it so Austin could not reinstate the paid sick leave ordinance the city pushed for last year.

Austin was the first city in Texas to push for city-mandated paid sick leave. The policy the city originally passed called for one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked for up to 64 hours or eight days a year.

Soon after passing the ordinance in February 2018, the city was sued and a judge ruled the city's policy was unconstitutional.

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If Senate Bill 15 is passed, it will impact any ordinance, order, rule, regulation or policy adopted before, on or after it is put into effect on Sept. 1.

The bill states: "A municipality or county may not adopt or enforce an ordinance, rule, regulation, or policy requiring any terms of employment that exceed or conflict with federal or state law relating to any form of employment leave, hiring practices, employment benefits, scheduling practices, or other terms of employment."

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