TEXAS, USA — Soon you may not have to wait in long lines to get your driver's license in Texas.

Many Texas drivers know you can wait in line for hours just to get to the front. Some people in North Texas recently had to stand outside of a driver's license office just to get into the door.

To fight this, Gov. Greg Abbott said on Twitter Monday night that he is getting involved.

"I signed this directive to the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety to take immediate action to shorten lines at drivers license offices because your time is too precious," Abbott said.

The agency admits it's understaffed.

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The Texas Legislature provided $200 million to add more staff so drivers wouldn't have to wait so long, Abbott said.

A study was also approved by lawmakers during the session that would look into if the Department of Motor Vehicles would be more properly fit to take over the issuing of licenses from DPS.

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Many Texans are needing to get a new license for their upcoming travel plans. If your driver's license doesn't have a gold star on it, you won't be able to use it to go through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) line at the airport come October 2020. 

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