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Lawmakers pushing to allow Texans to vote on daylight saving time in 2021

Sen. José Menéndez and Rep. Lyle Larson have introduced SB 471 and HB 1405.

AUSTIN, Texas — Two new bills have been introduced in the Texas Senate and Texas House pushing to allow for Texans to vote on whether they want to observe standard time or daylight saving time year-round.

Senate Bill 471 was introduced by Sen. José Menéndez (District 26) and House Bill 1405 by Rep. Lyle Larson (District 122). This is not the first time lawmakers have proposed a possible change to daylight saving time. In 2019, the Texas House passed a resolution that would allow voters to choose whether to keep observing daylight saving time. 

The lawmakers say that both daylight saving time and standard time can impact the well-being of people across the state, and that eliminating any "unnecessary time switch provides a commonsense solution to help prevent these problems, and allows the voters of Texas to make the decision about what is best for them."

"The practice of moving our clocks back and forth twice a year is something that needs to end," said Sen. Menéndez. "Since repeatedly changing our clocks impacts the safety and health of our constituents; we believe that the people of Texas need to vote and make the ultimate decision to address this. This bill will allow Texans to pick a time they feel is best for them."

"The practice of changing our clocks is nonsensical and has significant drawbacks," added Rep. Larson. "We want to give Texans an opportunity to vote on ending this practice by choosing between standard time year-round or daylight saving time year-round."


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