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Legislature sends final Texas congressional maps to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk

Democrats have criticized the map, which solidifies GOP control and yields little ground to people of color, despite their large contribution to state growth.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Legislature sent its final approved version of the state’s redrawn U.S. congressional districts to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk on Monday night, with a map that will give a boost to GOP incumbents.

Districts are being redrawn after Texas gained two new congressional seats for the next decade, thanks to the growth the state has seen between the 2010 and 2020 census.

Democrats have criticized the map, which yields little ground to people of color, despite their large contribution to state growth. Although 95% of the state’s growth has come from those voters, the map will give white voters effective control of both new districts in the Houston and Austin areas.

Republicans, who control the redistricting process, designed a map that will maintain the GOP’s majority for the U.S. House by eliminating competitive districts.

The map was approved in the Senate by an 18-13 vote, and in the House by an 84-59 vote.

Democrats said the map does not reflect the population and demographic makeup of the state. Half of the 4 million new Texas residents gained in the past 10 years were Hispanic.

"What we're doing in passing this congressional map is a disservice to the people of Texas. What we're doing is hurtful to millions of Texans — it's shameful," state Rep. Rafael Anchía (D-Dallas) said before the vote. "I'd love to be able to say it is a stain on the legacy of voting rights, but that seems to be the playbook decade after decade after decade in this state."

Several organizations representing Hispanic voters filed a lawsuit against the State on Monday related to the maps.

Republicans defended the map, saying it complies with federal laws protecting voters of color from discrimination.


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