AUSTIN, Texas — On Tuesday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick talked to reporters about his offer to President Donald Trump to have Texas help build the border wall.

Patrick spoke at the Texas Association of Broadcasters Legislative Day Tuesday morning. Afterward, we asked him about his offer to use Texas tax dollars to fund a border wall. 

"What I said to the president, if he can't get a deal with the Democrats and he doesn't declare an emergency order, we have spent about $3 or $4 billion easily in our own tax dollars on border security," said Patrick. "And we'll send you a bill, if you can get the Congress to pay it, then we can work on the wall."

Patrick noted it is more of a fence than a wall. 

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He calls the situation at the border a crisis, saying about 300,000 people were caught crossing the border in Texas illegally last year. 

Patrick says in addition to crime and drug concerns, there are humanitarian concerns and the Texas economy takes a hit.

Patrick owns a radio station, had a show and formerly worked as a TV journalist.