TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — KVUE has gotten several calls from viewers who said they've had issues with voting machines. One man told us he doesn’t believe his vote went through at all.

It's been a busy election cycle with record-breaking turnout in Travis County, but just about a week away from election day, some are questioning the voting process.

"Something's wrong with the machines here at Steiner Ranch, I can guarantee you that,” Kenneth O’Neal.

O’Neal said he voted early at the same place he always votes -- the Randalls at Steiner Ranch. But last week, something different happened when he went to cast his ballot.

“At the end, it has 'ballot not reported' and it had it about 15 times 'ballot not reported' and I was like, that is really strange,” said O’Neal. “I've never seen this."

He reported it to the county, who ultimately told him there's no way that could happen. He said they could only tell him that a vote was cast but not that all of his votes went through.

“At this time, I don't know if I voted for anybody,” said O’Neal.

At the state level, something similar is happening, people stating the machines changed their ballots. Some said their votes went to Ted Cruz in the Senate race when they actually selected straight-party democrat. The Secretary of State said this is all user error, but a clerk out of Houston proved it is possible.

"It's not easy to do – you have to be doing it very fast and rapidly to where it will actually change,” said Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart.

The message here is to take your time and always review your vote before casting a ballot. O’Neal said, regardless, he's learned a valuable lesson.

“I'm never going to vote a straight-party ticket cause, there's something really fishy about it,” said O’Neal.

O’Neal wants the problem fixed and hopes the state goes back to a paper ballot because at least there would be a trail.

A spokesperson for Travis County assures the community voting machines are not switching votes. She said they do extensive testing before and during elections.