The 85th Texas Legislature adjourned Sine Die Monday, but lawmakers aren't breathing a sigh of relief just yet. That's because many believe a special session is coming.

At a bill signing Wednesday, Governor Greg Abbott explained while lawmakers did gavel out , on paper the session hasn't quite concluded and that's playing a factor in what he does next.

Abbott signed four bills related to CPS into law at the Department of Family and Protective Services, then took a few questions.

The issue on a lot of people's minds is will he call a special session because while lawmakers did pass the budget, which they are constitutionally required to, they failed to pass a sunset bill to allow the Texas Medical Board to continue operating. There may be a legal fix for that, but Abbott previously said he wanted lawmakers to pass bills related to property tax relief and bathroom privacy, which didn't happen.

Abbott kept his sense of humor when asked if he's made a decision.

"We're headed back to the Capitol from here and we're just gonna go ahead and start," Abbott joked as lawmakers standing behind him laughed.

"Let me explain some mechanics here," he went on, "and that is before we can actually say that the current session was concluded, I have to get the budget certification from the comptroller's office. As of the moment I got out of the car to come in here, my office still had not received that."

Abbott added every day he's going through hundreds of bills passed by lawmakers deciding whether to pass or veto them and he needs to continue that process. He said he will make an announcement on a special session as soon as it's feasible.

As for whether property tax reform and bathroom privacy will be priorities, Abbott said it's premature to say what, if anything, will be on a special session call.