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Ex-girlfriend accuses Herschel Walker of domestic abuse: Reports

The report comes as the Senate candidate is trying to win over voters for the runoff election.

ATLANTA — Senate hopeful Herschel Walker is facing another accusation from a former relationship, according to reports.

The Georgia candidate's ex-girlfriend Cheryl Parsa has publicly offered details of her five-year romantic relationship with Walker, NBC News reports, which includes moments of domestic abuse. The report comes days before Walker's bid for the U.S. Senate will be decided by voters in a runoff election. Incumbent Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock is looking to keep his seat.

Parsa said the violent encounter followed her attempt at confronting him after she found him with another woman in 2005, reports say. The woman said he physically pinned her to a wall in a flash of anger, according to an NBC News report.

This encounter was three years before his ex-wife Cindy Grossman would also experience domestic abuse during her marriage with Walker, according to a timeline of alleged accusations. Grossman reported that her then-husband Walker pointed a gun at her head and threatened to shoot - a detail that's been used during election ads leading up to the runoff.

Walker hasn't addressed Parsa's allegations but while loosely commenting on other accusations, including paying for abortions of former lovers, he has either denied them or mentioned his ongoing treatment for his mental illness. Walker was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, formerly called multiple personality disorder, in which he outlines his struggles and triumphs in a book he released in 2008.

Even among the reports and after Christian Walker, an influencer among young conservatives publicly turned against his father, political analysts have said that Walker supporters likely won't budge. However, further accusations could sway undecided voters - but that won't necessarily mean they'll side with Warnock. The impacts of the accusations will ultimately be seen after the runoff Election Day on Dec. 6.

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