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University of Houston professors analyze voter trends

Two professors at the University of Houston have been crunching the early voting numbers daily, analyzing who is hitting the polls.

HOUSTON — Texas has never been the leader in early voting, but this election, things are turning around.

Two University of Houston professors are analyzing voter trends in Harris County. They’re trying to see who is actually casting their votes early, and they’re doing this through the daily roster put out by the county clerk’s office after people cast their votes.

"We can take the voter file and analyze how people are going to vote in the past and get a sense of how they are going to vote currently," said Brandon Rottinghaus, political science professor at the University of Houston. 

They've created maps that show the clusters of voters who cast their vote. They even divided the maps among Democrats and Republicans.

"We are seeing strong support from democrats places like downtown Montrose and West University. We are also seeing a spike in republican voters from places like Kingwood and out in Katy," Rottinghaus said. 

They’ve even analyzed the Latino vote in our area.

"The number of Latinos is growing. There are more Latinos voting, but as a percentage basis, it’s pretty flat. Both parties have been late at courting that vote. As a result, you don’t see that spike," Rottinghaus said. 

One thing is for certain: Rottinghaus said they have seen an increase in new voters. And those new voters could be the key for the future of our state.

"The vote for success for Democrats does hinge statewide on Harris County," Rottinghaus said. "If Democrats can flip Harris County, then you can see the state flip blue.

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