The turnout for early voting is breaking records in Travis County and across Texas.

State officials are calling this presidential race "a high-interest election" for voters.

Texas has set a record with registered voters, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of the state's estimated voting population. The state has 15.1 million registered voters for this election, up from 13.6 million in the 2012 election.

The Texas Secretary of State's office said as of Thursday night, early voting numbers have topped four million. The old early voting record was in 2008 when around 3.5 million people cast their ballots. The numbers include the state's 15 largest counties. In this election, it accounts for more than 41 percent of all registered voters in Texas.

Texas Secretary of State Spokesperson Alicia Pierce said the numbers are breaking records from all angles.

“What’s interesting is that even if you adjust for the change in population or change in registered voters, we’re still seeing an increase in the number of people out there voting early, we’ll see if that trend continues through election day,” she said.

Election officials told KVUE that with the high interest from voters, they do expect the trend to continue.

In Travis County, election officials said there was a fantastic turnout on the first few days of early voting with more than 30,000 voters a day. However, the numbers started to taper off towards the weekend.

Friday evening, the country reported a total of 51.07 percent early voter turnout, most of which was seen on Friday.

County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said the early voting numbers have already broken the last two presidential elections.

Here are the local numbers:

  • In 2016 – 330,000 (As of Thursday)
  • In 2012 – 240,000
  • In 2008 – 300,000

DeBeauvoir said she's happy to see a lot of people casting their ballots.

“It’s more than the last presidential election. We are going to break all of the records for 2008 and 2012, and we love that too. It’s great that all of our voters are coming out to vote,” she said.

GO HERE to find polling locations with the shortest lines. If you have any questions about the early voting process, you’re asked to call the Travis County Clerk’s office.