Hillary Clinton's black motorcade breezed through the afternoon heat Friday into Austin's swanky W Hotel, where a cool $500 donation offered a glimpse of the potential president. The most expensive tickets for the event, hosted by Austin Mayor Steve Adler, sold for $2,700.

"Every now and then you've got to pull the car over and hit the ATM machine," said Texas Tribune executive editor Ross Ramsey.

Hillary for America reported beginning May with roughly $30 million on hand, with expensive primaries coming up in California and New Jersey which could deliver Clinton the final delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination.

Despite the numbers, Bernie Sanders has trudged forward on his path toward the national convention, continuing to galvanize skeptical elements of the Democratic Party. A handful of immigrant rights advocates in Austin showed up outside the hotel hoping to press Clinton on detention of undocumented family members.

"She has already said that if she becomes president she would end family detention," said Bethany Carson with Grassroots Leadership. "But we are asking her to act sooner, to call on President Obama to end family detention while he is still president because these families cannot wait."

"She has problems with part of the Democratic constituency," said Ramsey. "The Democrats eventually are going to probably come home to the nominee just as Republicans will probably come home to their nominee. But not yet."

Those at the event said Clinton laid out her case against Republican Donald Trump in the general election.

"She went through her qualifications. I mean this is probably the most qualified person to run for president in my lifetime," Texans for Hillary chair and former state land commissioner Garry Mauro told KVUE after the fundraiser. The Clintons have long had friends in the Texas capital.

"She and Bill Clinton, before they were married, were both working on the George McGovern campaign, and they got sent to Texas," said Democratic analyst Harold Cook. "They were sleeping on living room floors and registering voters, and that's the beauty of Hillary Clinton in Texas."

"The Clintons have never forgotten about an old friend," said Cook. "They keep their networks active throughout the years. There are lots of people she can call on in this state, either for fundraising or for political purposes, but she's got an awful lot of loyalty here."

"She reminded everybody here that one of her best times ever was going to listen to Jerry Jeff Walker play at the Armadillo," said Mauro, laughing, "Now I just aged myself."

Meanwhile, Clinton has no time to lose.