The presidential election this year has taken an emotional toll on many Americans, so some church leaders have been using their Sunday sermons to bring comfort to their congregations.

“I don't feel I voted for or against anyone. I feel like I rolled the dice for the Supreme Court,” said Rodney Shaw, Senior Pastor at New Life Church, “I think my experience was similar to many in the Christian community, in that we felt a lot of angst, we felt torn.”

With candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being the two main choices, Pastor Shaw told KVUE News he personally does not feel there is a clear Christian choice.

“There’s been nothing from either of the candidate’s life that has been overtly characterized as being Christian,” he said, “I’m not saying that both candidates are anti-Christian, but there’s nothing expressly Christian that has been demonstrated in their lifestyle, in their choices, in their campaigns, in their policies, so there’s not a clear Christian message, coming from these candidates."

Pastor Shaw said he was not trying to use his authority to intimidate or persuade people, but he wanted to reveal that he voted early with a heavy heart, during his Sunday sermon.

He also talked about the overload of messages posted on the internet, social media and even the news, which has caused a lot of anger.

“When this election is over, empty your brain of all of the junk,” said Pastor Shaw, “It’s time to move forward, it’s time to get that stuff out. You need to purge your brain, purge your mind, and purge your spirit. Don’t let this campaign cause you to go on being angry.”

His message now to his church goers: to search for a divine answer.

“The most impacting way, effective way to change society is to change human hearts,” he said.

After the election, Pastor Shaw plans to hold a prayer service on Wednesday at New Life to help church-goers to move on from the heated race. He said this country has to support whoever is elected president, and the best way to do that is to pray for him or her.