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Governor pitches 'Parental Bill of Rights' at San Antonio rally

Though short on details, Gov. Greg Abbott promised to expand school choice so state taxpayer dollars follow students enrolled in private schools.

SAN ANTONIO — Gov. Greg Abbott Monday promised to enshrine a "parental bill of rights" in the Texas Constitution. 

He told supporters at a San Antonio campaign rally he would ensure parents have primary control over their children's educations. 

"More must be done to preserve the rights of parents and give our children the future they deserve," he said. 

Abbott's plan does not contain many details. 

Broadly, he argues schools should provide parents with lesson plans in a uniform manner prior to each semester. He says districts should not be allowed to sell or share their students' data outside the Texas education system. 

Abbott also says he wants to expand school choice, perhaps the boldest proposal included in the package. 

"Empowering parents means giving them the choice to send their children to any public school, charter school, or private school with state funding following the student," Abbott told the cheering southside crowd. 

It's not clear whether private schools would lose some organizational autonomy if they accepted taxpayer dollars. 

Abbott also hit on a number Republican's education-related talking points, including critical race theory, pornographic library books, and mask mandates. 

He said voters sent a message in school board elections this weekend. Many boards became decidedly more conservative. 

"Parents want a greater say in education of their children," Abbott said. 

The governor did not mention his desire to challenge Plyler v. Doe, a case that established a right to public education for all students regardless of citizenship status. 

Abbott has said he wants the federal government to pay for undocumented students' schooling.