Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing a new criminal court judge in Houston to discuss his 2015 indictment.

Paxton’s team of eight lawyers and two state prosecutors went before newly elected Judge Robert Johnson in Harris County District Court.

The two sides couldn’t resolve their problems in Collin County, which brought them to the 177th District Court in Harris County. KHOU 11 News was there when Paxton entered the courtroom.

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Texas’ top law enforcement officer is facing two counts of felony securities fraud and failing to register as an investment adviser with the state. That means he’s accused of illegally recruiting investors for a tech company without telling investors that he would get a financial kickback.

Judge Johnson asked Paxton’s lawyers and the state to bring him the case’s history by July 7. Both sides will meet in conference July 27.

The significance of Paxton’s appearance Thursday is that a trial date still hasn’t been set. Paxton’s lawyers argue the Attorney General has the right to a speedy trial. State prosecutors argue they are waiting for money and haven’t been paid for 18 months of work, because Collin County – where the case started – refuses to foot the bill. A Dallas Court of Appeals could decide on the prosecutors’ pay as early as July 19.