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OjO Electric to bring sit-down electric scooters to Austin

OjO Electric will bring sit down scooters to Austin that have a range of 50 miles on a single charge and top speed of 20 mph.

OjO Electric announced their launch for a commute-focused electric scooter rideshare in Austin on Jan. 8, in a partnership with Austin Commuter Scooter, LLC., which operates the Austin B-cycle System.

The company's scooters are a bit different from most of the electric scooters you have seen around town, due to the fact they are sit-down scooters.

"OjO Electric is taking shared-use scooters to the next level, greatly improving the accessibility and range of scooters with our groundbreaking commuter scooter, equipped with a seat, so riders can stand or sit," said Max Smith, CEO of OjO Electric. "This is truly a scooter for everyone." 

The new scooters will be able to go 50 miles on a full charge and have a top speed of 20 mph.


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Austin will be the first launch market for the company's new scooters, allowing those who take the scooters around town, a new way to travel.

The company said their new scooters will also have navigation, traffic alerts, construction zones, geo-fence approaches, speed reduction zone alerts and nearby docking location alerts that are all run through the on-board speakers. The speakers will also allow the rider to have the ability to play music through Bluetooth.

So be on the lookout for the new, unique way of getting around Austin.

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