Homeowners in North Austin concerned about plans for affordable housing near their neighborhood had a chance to speak out Thursday night.

Saigebrook Development hosted a public meeting Thursday with a goal of explaining what the existing zoning is and how a seven acre lot on Oak Creek Drive would be transformed into a 100 unit apartment complex and a clubhouse.

Residents are worried about the potential impact of bringing more people into the area will have on traffic. Saigebrook Development Project Manager Megan Lasch discussed the concerns with KVUE on Wednesday before the hearing and said the daily amount of trips is estimated at 665 per day.& Lasch pointed to an engineering study that states its lower compared to a 45,000 square foot building the property is zoned for now.

"We are talking about 80-90 units here. It's very low density compared to a lot of multi-use family developments that you'll see within a community. We're also committed to lowering impervious cover of what is existing on the site under the current zoning," Lasch told KVUE.

Jeanie Beckham lives in the area and said the Thursday night meeting didn’t go quite like she had hoped.

"They have some pad answers that's other developments they've done this and that but not this particular site,” Beckham said.

Developers said no plan is set in stone just yet and there are different options they are evaluating. However, the developers said they do want to move forward with the development. The next step will be to apply for funding then go through a zoning change from light industrial use to residential.