AUSTIN, Texas — From shirtless Adam Levine to Gladys Knight's stellar "National Anthem" performance, it seems most Super Bowl conversation revolved around anything but the game itself.

One of those conversations sending social media into a meltdown was about Texans' favorite dip -- queso.

Fox News Host Dana Perino tweeted a photo that quickly became a meme. With the caption "I made queso," she posted a photo of her homemade Super Bowl staple, which many say doesn't look like the deliciously cheesy dip at all.

As Austin American-Statesman Restaurant Critic Matthew Odam puts it, she "really didn't."

With several hundred retweets and several thousand likes, many took to Twitter to share their versions of the cheesy dip -- some taking digs at the host's queso that looked less than desirable.

Yikes! Perhaps next time Perino visits Austin, she can see how Texans really make queso.


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