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Trump reacts to the House launching impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump fired off several tweets in response to the House launching a formal impeachment inquiry.

President Donald Trump is reviving his calls of being subject to a "Witch Hunt," in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement that the House will be launching a formal impeachment inquiry against the president. 

Trump noted that Pelosi's announcement comes as he meets Tuesday with world leaders at the United Nations. He tweeted that "the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country!" 

While Pelosi had held off for months on calls for impeachment, pressure intensified following reports that Trump may pressured Ukraine's leader to investigate Joe Biden's family. 

In her announcement Tuesday afternoon, Pelosi said the president "must be held accountable" and "no one is above the law." 

Trump insists he did nothing wrong when it comes to Ukraine and announced he'll release a transcript of a phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Trump quickly fired off four tweets in a span of 10 minutes after Pelosi's announcement. 

The president doubled down on his "Witch Hunt" claims by tweeting how Democrats "never even saw the transcript of the call" with Ukraine's leader. 

Earlier in the day Trump said he'd release the transcript on Wednesday. 

He also fired off an all caps tweet alleging presidential harassment. 

Before Pelosi made her announcement, Trump told reporters that a formal inquiry by House Democrats would be a "positive for me."

The president later shared a re-election campaign video on his Twitter account featuring a compilation of lawmakers talking about impeachment. 

Trump is in New York meeting with world leaders at the United Nations. He says the country is "doing the best it's ever done" and that Democrats are going to lose next year's elections if they pursue impeachment. He says: "If she does that, they say that's a positive for me." 

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