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PETA: Stranded dogs and chickens saved by Florence rescue teams

The animals were waiting to be rescued perched on top of the highest surface they could find, PETA said.

Even though Tropical Depression Florence is winding down, flood waters are still rising and rescue teams are going door to door to help who they can.

Among the men and women who brave the weather are PETA’s Animal Rescue Team, who have been posting on social media the different animals they’ve saved so far in areas ravaged by the storm.

One video on their Twitter page shows the team in North Carolina rescuing dogs trapped inside kennels, chickens wading in their coups, and even a lonely pit bull stranded on plywood and surrounded by flood waters.

Another photo showed the team evacuating a three-legged goat named Claire from Norfolk, Virginia in anticipation of the storm.

Amid the rescue efforts, PETA staff members from around the country urge residents in storm-affected areas to take their animals with them when evacuating a flood zone. The organization also advises pet owners to take the following precautions before or during a weather emergency:

  • Have an animal rescue kit readily available. The kit should include a harness and leash or a carrier as well as bottled water, food and water bowls.
  • Make sure your animals have collars or harnesses with identification.
  • Place PETA’s emergency window stickers near your front and back door in case you’re gone during a weather emergency. These stickers will alert rescuers to animals in your home who need help.
  • Never leave animals chained or penned outdoors where they have no protection.
  • Never leave animals behind.
  • Know your destination ahead of time, not all emergency shelters accept animals.
  • If authorities force you to leave your animal behind, make there is a at least a 10-day supply of water and dry food.