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Austin TSA officers find knife attached to passenger's prosthetic leg

Concealed pepper spray, a hidden knife, and an inert grenade. TSA is sharing some of the more bizarre items they've recently found at airport checkpoints.

A lot of weird things get confiscated by Transportation Security Administration officers at airport checkpoints, but one recent discovery even surprised them

TSA revealed Friday that a traveler at Montana's Glacier Park International Airport recently tried to get on an airplane with pepper spray concealed inside an inhaler. 

The passenger reportedly tried to pack the pepper spray in their checked bag, but it didn't meet the guidelines. So, instead of leaving it behind, they tried to conceal it in their inhaler. 

"TSA officers gasped when they discovered the pepper spray inside the inhaler," TSA explained in a blog post.  

Credit: TSA
The TSA said officers were shocked when they found a passenger was trying to conceal pepper spray inside their inhaler at Glacer Park International Airport.

Meanwhile, TSA officers at Austin Bergstrom International Airport on Feb. 6 found a knife attached to a passenger's prosthetic leg. TSA explained that an officer conducting a pat-down of the leg found the knife and the traveler stated he just forgot about it. 

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"Let’s get to the point: knives are not allowed through the security checkpoint, but can easily be packed in checked bags," TSA advised.  

Credit: TSA
On Feb. 6, TSA officers found a stiletto knife attached to a passenger's prosthetic leg as they tried to go through airport security at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

And one discovery in Florida left officers speechless when a passenger at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport tried to bring an inert grenade in their luggage, reportedly claiming they didn't know that wasn't allowed. 

"Really!?? ICYMI they are not. Let’s all learn from what has to be an embarrassing and costly mistake," TSA wrote.  

The agency added that when officers discover what looks like an explosive, they have to call in specialists and it can lead to delays or missed flights, plus a "stiff" fine for whoever is at fault. 

Credit: TSA
According to TSA, a Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport passenger recently tried to bring an inert grenades through security and said they didn't realize they weren’t allowed on an aircraft.

And earlier this week, an unusual item in a checked bag raised some eyebrows at Newark Airport. It was a German World War II optical range-finder that looks like a surface-to-air missile launcher, but the item was screened and cleared to fly in a passenger's checked baggage. 

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