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Heroic dog Patsy saves hundreds of animals in Australia bushfires

The 6-year-old border collie gained global attention after herding 900 sheep, saving them from the raging fires.

WASHINGTON — One dog has emerged as the latest example of the brave humans and animals in Australia that have been battling wild bushfires that have ravaged the country for weeks now. 

6-year-old kelpie-border collie Patsy, from a town called Corryong, Victoria bravely faced a bushfire on New Year's Eve that threatened hundreds of animals. Without hesitation, the pup rounded up 900 sheep into a safe enclosure, according to Australia's SBS News. Patsy's human Stephen Hill said, "she's earned front-seat privileges for the rest of her life," as he sat in his vehicle. 

Hill said he would have never been able to save the sheep if Patsy hadn't been there.  

Hill told SBS News that only a handful of sheep could not be saved, but a majority of the animals were, even as smoke totally enveloped his large property. Some structures on his land were burned down in the blaze. 

An Instagram account was set up for Patsy called "Patsy the Corryong Wonderdog," and the sweet girl has received loving comments from around the world.  

Scientists are saying that the Australia bushfires could be pushing some species closer to extinction. Jan Sheehan, one of hundreds of volunteer rescuers told CBS "we're really worried. We really are," As CBS News reports, animals like koalas, kangaroos and wallabies don't exist anywhere else in the world. 

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