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Facebook activates Safety Check for Hurricane Florence

People in the path of Florence can mark themselves as safe on Facebook to notify their friends and family.

Facebook has activated Safety Check for those in the path of Florence, which made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane before downgrading to a tropical storm early Friday evening.

You can find Safety Check by clicking the Crisis Response on the left navigation of the Facebook home page. The Safety Check for this specific event is called Hurricane Florence Across the Eastern United States.

If you're looking for loved ones, you can click "Search for a friend" to see if any of your friends have marked themselves safe.

Credit: Screenshot of Facebook Check

How is Safety Check activated?

When an incident such as an earthquake, hurricane, mass shooting or building collapse occurs where people might be in danger, a global crisis reporting agency alerts Facebook.

If a lot of people in the affected area are posting about the incident, Safety Check will be activated and those people in the area may receive a notification from Facebook to mark themselves safe. People who click the Safety Check notification will also be able to see if any of their friends are in the affected area or have marked themselves safe.