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In August, so far, we've covered everything from how to stop Spotify from snooping on you, a preview of a pricey new $800 Samsung tablet to thoughts on how Apple got toa Wall Street valuation of one billion dollars.

We've got some special guests coming in August and other surprises as well.

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Amanda Russell and Cynthia Lieberman, the co-authors of "The Influencer Code," book.
Jefferson Graham

August Talking Tech episodes

How the Google Search Index really works

What to do when you run out storage on your phone?

60 Second photo tip - the Magazine Selfie Trick

How to deal with being throttled

The next iPhones will be bigger than ever

Hey Alexa, you're not no. 1 anymore. 

Can we find a bigger DVR for TVBOB?

The drone that zooms in from the skies

NY Public Library brings "Alice in Wonderland" to Instagram. 

GoPro in the classroom

Let's find a bigger DVR for TVBOB

iPhone 2018 - new features consumers want. 

Dream big - the Apple Car

Smartphone quality now on par with cameras, says Filmic Pro. 

Think of 5G for cable, not smartphone. 

Elon Musk is falling apart. 

Minute photo tip - the long exposure trick

Alex Jones still has Google, despite the bans. 

Amazon's Fire TV Edition a cord cutter's dream TV. 

Former NBA pro turned podcast Paul Shirley. 

Angry mobs take after the e-scooter monster

Ditch digital zoom and learn to crop. Minute photo tip, #3

Get out your S Pens, here come the fall tech devices. 

Talking Tech with Lionel Richie. Part 1, 2 and 3

The $1K new Samsung Note 9 is bigger than an iPhone and has more advanced features. Would you buy it? 

Even Greater Smartphone Photo Tips #2: Know thy camera.

Work at home with Amazon

The Mattress Wars Online with USA TODAY's Nathan Bomey

Apple, YouTube and Facebook ban Alex Jones

How to Take Even Greater Smartphone Photos, part 1 of a new series. 

Cracking the Influencer Code with Amanda Russell and Cynthia Lieberman. 

ICYMI, why teachers and parents are furious at JUUL. 

Mobile Pay got a huge boost this week, but has a long ways to go. 

Talking Tech with USA TODAY's new consumer tech editor, Michelle Maltais. 

Thanks a trillion, iPhone. 

The e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive

Samsung's pricey new tablet

How to stop Spotify from snooping on you

July Talking Tech episodes

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