Need a time out from — well, everything? These stories and videos from this week are guaranteed to keep you distracted.

This doctor restored our faith in humanity

Before heading in to surgery, Dr. Daniel McNeely's 8-year-old patient made one request: could he fix the torn arm of his teddy bear before going under?

McNeely, a surgeon at IWK Health Centre in Halifax, was happy to oblige. "How could I say no?" McNeely wrote on Twitter, along with images of the teddy bear's "procedure."

The tweet went viral, generating more than 35,000 likes and nearly 16,000 retweets. 

The Canadian doctor even made sure the bear was wearing an anesthesia mask for the surgery. "Neonatal face mask — helps to preserve the teddy bear’s anonymity!" tweeted McNeely.

A girl was playing in a lake. Then she found a 1,500-year-old sword.

Isn't this how King Arthur got his start? Eight-year-old Saga Vanacek was playing in a lake in Sweden when she found a sword which experts say dates back to the pre-Viking era.

According to a press release from local museum, the sword — made of wood, leather and metal — could have been made 1,500 years ago.

The sword is now being kept at the museum while local officials search the lake for more relics. 

Meanwhile, some people are calling Saga the "Queen of Sweden." 

The best video you will see all week: A basket filled with baby sloths

Doctor Who is back. And she's finally a woman

On Sunday, the classic British science-fiction series "Doctor Who" returns to mark a key milestone in its 55-year history. For the first time ever, a woman will portray the time-traveling Doctor. Actress Jodie Whitaker will assume the role when the show returns for its 11th season.  

Need a time-waster? Google has a hidden game for you

Google employees love video games, so much so they hide fun Easter eggs paying homage throughout their services. Its most recent is linked to Search, where users will find a hidden text adventure game. No graphics, just type in commands, and the game takes you on a journey to search out the letters in the Google logo. Just don't let your boss catch you playing.

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