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Multiple jobs in high-demand in Central Texas

Employers are looking to hire on workers in different industries here in Central Texas, from skilled trade jobs to information technology positions.

AUSTIN, Texas — It's been more than a year since COVID-19 shut down many businesses, but as time goes on, new challenges arise.

"Believe it or not, we are still at the tail end of the reopening process,” said Eric Silverstein, the owner of Bar Peached and The Peached Tortilla.

Silverstein says it was a struggle to hire workers when everything opened back up, but they are in a good place now. Even with the cost of products going up, they decided to increase pay to get quality staff.

“People in the industry deserve to be compensated,” says Silverstein. “It does come with an increase in the cost of dining out, that is part of it, there just needs to be a level of understanding with diners.”

The Texas Restaurant Association says restaurants lost 60% of workers during the pandemic, and many are still trying to get that workforce back.

“Almost every type of restaurant needs almost every type of employee, in order to meet the really strong rebound of consumer demand that we're excited to see and that we want to meet and take advantage of,” says Kelsey Erickson Streufert, the Vice President of Government Relations and Advocacy for the Texas Restaurant Association.

Restaurants are far from the only businesses in need of workers in Central Texas. Workforce Solutions Capital Area leaders say skilled trade jobs are in high demand, as more properties are being built in Austin.

Manufacturing and truck driving positions are also need due to the increase in online shopping.

Information technology positions also need to be filled. These can range from positions where experience and a degree is needed, to jobs where you just need to get a certification.

Over the past month, many of our large hospitals are posting jobs for health care workers.

"Registered nurse is the top job that we see posted that these hospitals are looking for,” shares Leslie Puckett, Director of Research and Career Awareness at Workforce Solutions Capital Area. “Registered nurse typically requires an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree."

Workforce Solutions offers different types of trainings and jobs fairs to help connect workers to employers.


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