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You've 'guac' to be kidding! High prices prompt Austin restaurant to stop serving avocados

A sign now hangs outside The Omelettry in Austin, prompting customers to BYOA – 'bring your own avocado.'

AUSTIN, Texas — People think it's a Millennial issue – adding avocado to everything. But you won't find them at one restaurant here in Austin, and that's all thanks to high prices.

Stephanie Ortiz and her family visit The Omelettry in Austin nearly every week.

"I'm starting to order a side of avocado for my daughter," said Ortiz

Her 7-month-old, Vivian, is finally growing her teeth.

"I want her to start getting those healthy fats now that she's starting to eat real food," Ortiz said.

Unfortunately, her favorite side dish is not on the menu. An unusual sign that says "No avocado sides" is now hanging outside the brunch parlor.

"At first, people did not understand why you didn't have avocados," said Jesse Carpenter, co-owner of The Omelettry.


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"Up until a couple of months ago, a case was $36," he said. "It's up to $100 now."

He said the avocados' high prices have forced them to take the green fruit – yes, it's a fruit – off of the menu.

"As a restaurant owner, you have to watch your margins or you will go from making money to losing money very quickly," Carpenter explained.

The Omelettry currently uses about 21 cases of avocados a month. Back when the case averaged $36, they would pay about $800 to get them.

Since prices have gone up, they are now forced to spend nearly $2,000 a month.

"Literally our profits are nickles and dimes," said Carpenter.

The Omelettry, fortunately, has just enough to feed little Vivian, as the uncertainty continues for the owners to see if they'll ever get avocados back on the menu again.

"I don't know, everyone is going to have to get used to expensive avocados, I guess," Carpenter explained.


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