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Your stimulus check questions: Do back taxes or unpaid child support affect your stimulus check?

As a result of the CARES Act, millions of Americans could receive up to $1,200 with an additional $500 per child.

AUSTIN, Texas — Millions of people received their economic impact payments, or stimulus checks, this week. 

KVUE is continuing to answer questions about what factors impact how much you are getting from the stimulus checks. Some are wondering about what will happen if they owe taxes or child support.

If you owe back taxes or overdue loan payments to a federal agency, the CARES Act passed by Congress last month suspends these dues. This means you should still receive the stimulus amount in full. 

Concerned about unpaid property taxes? 

According to the Travis County Tax Office, property taxes are assessed and collected locally, and not at the federal level.

However, property owners should reach out to their county tax assessor-collectors office if they have questions or concerns about 2019 taxes. 

If state taxes are owed, Tiffany Sewardvwith the Travis County Tax Office said they do not have the authority to waive penalties and interest established by state law. 


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"We are doing everything we can within the scope of our authority," she said.

Here is the link to more information on what their office is currently doing to help delinquent property owners with their taxes.

If you owe child support, the CARES Act does not provide the same protections. Individuals with unpaid child support could lose some or all of their checks, depending on how much is owed. 

In addition, if you filed your 2018-2019 tax returns jointly with a spouse, even if they are not responsible for these payments, that could still affect their portion of the stimulus check.

Finally, families with children may not receive the additional $500 per child. The CARES Act does not provide stimulus payments for dependents claimed on a tax return who are older than 16-years-old. 

In addition, college-aged kids 18 to 24 who are claimed as a dependent on someone's tax return will also not receive a stimulus check. 

For example, college students who are claimed by their parents will not receive any money.

This also means any elderly or disabled individual claimed by a family member will not receive a check. 

Congress did not provide a concrete reason for this decision nor does language in the bill explain it. 

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KVUE will answer these questions every Friday morning on KVUE News Daybreak. 

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