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Austin-area teachers put in the spotlight for #WorldTeachersDay

In the spirit of World Teachers Day on Oct. 5, people in the Austin area are sharing photos and stories of teachers who are making a positive impact on their student

AUSTIN, Texas — Editor's note: World Teacher’s Day, a day dedicated to honoring teachers, is Oct. 5. KVUE encourages teachers to sign up at TeachersCan.org to win “wish lists” for classrooms.

We all know a teacher who changed our life.

In the spirit of World Teachers Day on Oct. 5, people in the Austin area are sharing photos and stories of teachers who are making a positive impact on their students and communities.

One parent submitted Pam Mayes from Llano Head Start.

"She goes above and beyond every day for her coworkers, students and children," the parent said. "She shows much love and care to all. She puts everyone first before herself. She works for the enjoyment and not for the pay, which is not much."

Shelly Moyers told KVUE Lynn Layman from Parkcrest Middle School is the "best teacher ever."

"Been teaching OVER 20 years," Moyers said. "Engaging, fun, but hard."

Nick Elmore submitted his wife, Ida Elmore, a bilingual third-grade teacher at St. Elmo Elementary School.

"She works past 7 p.m. on most days working to become more efficient preparing, saving and teaching virtual lessons," he said. "She spends parts of her day working as IT support for her students. She's been a teacher for almost 30 years. I am beyond proud of her dedication and resilience as she continues to provide the best learning environment for her students."

Grace Ann Fox teaches third grade at Tom Green Elementary School.

"Grace Ann is one of the most compassionate, understanding and hilarious teachers," Brooklyn McConnell said. "She understands that each student is an individual and plays on their strengths! She keeps it fun and light in the classroom, encouraging her students to participate in dance-offs and singing. She is loved and valued."   

Daniel Brillhart with Gattis Elementary School was also submitted. 

"Mr. Brillhart is our TAG teacher and he is so kind and patient with the kids," Jenn Brown told KVUE. "He has a gift to be able to engage his students and make learning fun. He is a humble man, has a great sense of humor and truly cares about the success of our students and community. I literally don't know what we would do without him. He deserves recognition!"

One parent said Dylan Brown at Menchaca Elementary School is her kids' favorite teacher.

"Extraordinary teacher," the parent told KVUE. "Her unparalleled generosity and exemplary dedication to the profession is so palpable."

 Another teacher from Menchaca Elementary was recognized.

"I want to recognize Mrs. Barnes from Menchaca Elementary!" said Katherine D. "She's been so dedicated in helping her special ed department and campus since the beginning so they don't miss a beat, even online!"

One parent said Jamie Lusk at Schulenburg ISD truly cares for her students.

"She brings breakfast for the kids that don't have any," the parent said. "After work and all weekend long she spends her time at the animal shelter making sure they are all cared for. She combines these two together to teach kids love and caring for other creatures. She also has 11 rescued dogs at home and usually a foster or two. She is what this world needs more of."

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Do you know a teacher you would like to recognize for World Teacher's Day? Share a photo or video on social media with #WorldTeachersDay and #TeachersCan. Teachers are also encouraged to upload and share a video to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about why you teach, what you wish others knew about teaching and how teachers can make a big difference for students using the hashtag #TeachersCan.

You can also show your support for teachers by tying a light blue ribbon around a tree or front porch or something in front of your house.

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