With the nice fall weather we are seeing, it is safe to say people are enjoying their time outdoors.

Now imagine spending four months outdoors -- on a bike.

Four women are cycling across the country educating people about protecting America’s public lands.

Katie Ledermann, 22, from Minnesota, started the group "Women on Wheels for Wild Lands" as an idea among four of her friends to bike from San Francisco to South Carolina, where they will meet with a final friend.

She said they wanted to have a greater cause and settled on their love for the outdoors.

"I think there's something that we find inside ourselves when we're in nature," said Ledermann.

The "wild lands" Ledermann and her friends want to preserve are national parks and preserves.

Ledermann just graduated from college with an environmental studies degree. She said she wants to keep national park land in federal hands.

"Oftentimes what happens is states don't have the same resources as the federal government," said Ledermann. "And so oftentimes they'll have to end up having to sell them off to mining, drilling, developments, housing developments."

It is a constant battle between developers and preservationists we face here in Austin too.

"We learned that people in Austin are really proud of their parks," Ledermann said. "These parks are beautiful and amazing, and there’s so many people using them … because that’s exactly what we’re fighting for."

Austin also happens to be their mid-journey stop, where they’re taking their longest break before finishing off the rest of their 4,800-mile journey.

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