AUSTIN, Texas — A woman says she lost everything she owns after taking a bus from New York to Austin.

She spent the last three days in Greyhound bus station trying to get it all back.

"Well, I got here, this is the third day I've been sitting here," said Aimee Herrick.

She came from New York Port Authority.

Herrick says she had been stuck at the station with her service dog, Ginger. She had no money or the paperwork to prove Ginger is a service dog. And without the paperwork, Herrick can't go the facility she'll be living at.

Greyhound said on Friday it reimbursed her ticket and gave her $250 per bag and added that she is "satisfied with our efforts to resolve the situation."

"I mean, I'm happy they finally compensated me with, you know, a way to get some clothing and stuff that we need, but I don't think what they did was right," she said.

So after three days, a two-hour wait for a cab isn't the worst thing as she's heading to a real bed.