Like most areas surrounding Austin, Taylor is seeing a boom in population and business growth, and they want to plan for what the city will look like in the future due to that growth.

Downtown Taylor businesses offer a little bit of everything, especially now.

"The growth of Taylor is really on the upswing,” said Ian Davis, owner of the Texas Beer Company in downtown Taylor. "When we first opened up there weren't any live music venues in downtown Taylor and just within the last year, there are now three.”

"Just this whole revitalization kind of drew us in,” said Craig Pinkley. He and his wife Beth opened Pilot Knob Vineyard just three weeks ago.

"It's exciting for us and to think about all the new things that could potentially be coming,” said Pinkley. "A lot of downtowns start to kind of feel abandoned for a while and the businesses move to the suburbs and it’s kind of nice to see things coming back to the center."

"I’ve definitely seen a lot of change in Taylor. A lot more traffic coming through, a lot of businesses," said Beth Pinkley.

In the past year, the population of Taylor has grown about 4 percent. The average for the 5 years prior? 1.1 percent.

"I hear every single day people coming out here saying ‘hey I'm thinking about moving to Taylor,'” said Davis. "The housing market has just taken off in the last year, and every time I see a house listing it’s gone within a few days."

"There seems like there's a definite movement afoot to have this nice little entertainment district,” said Pinkley.

Curie Humphreys has lived in Taylor more than 20 years. She owns the Cherry Tree Creative and The Nest Box in downtown Taylor.

"You have so many people that are from Austin and Round Rock that are just really embracing the small town feel, they love the lifestyle, they love the opportunity that a small town gives," said Humphreys.

She said business owners like her are working to keep that small town feel, even if the town isn't so small.

“It's not just like ‘yay we're growing’, I think people are really trying to think what's the best thing for Taylor, how do we keep the character,” said Humphreys.

And part of that character are the historic structures.

"The buildings are gorgeous,” said Humphreys.

Shannon Bagent opened the Black Sparrow Music Parlor a few weeks ago, but the building is 140-years-old.

"I had the vision the minute I walked in this door, it was a book store at the time and I just saw it,” said Bagent.

Bagent lived in South Austin and told KVUE that she searched for more than a year for the perfect place to open her business.

"I kept coming back to Taylor over and over," said Bagent.

And she’s encouraged by the town’s continued growth.

"It's overwhelmingly exciting," said Bagent. "It's not just the growth because there are other small towns that are growing because other towns are growing at the same rate, but this town has something particular, there's a large artistic and forward thinking type of people that are moving here."

In 2016, the city had 91 permits to build a single-family home. in 2011, there were only nine.

Davis started the Texas Beer Company last year after home brewing for years.

"We were looking for small towns all around Central Texas, a lot of great options, but when we found this building on the corner of Second and Main we just fell in love with it,” said Davis. "At the time the building was still boarded up."

They opened their doors in 2016.

"Business has been great we've more than tripled our projected sales revenue goal," said Davis.

He said they even plan to expand by opening a distribution production brewery.

Judy Blundell renovated the building that houses the Texas Beer Company, as well as several other businesses. The building at Second and Main had been empty for almost 50 years.

"As soon as we finish the space it leases, which is great because it shows people are interested in starting businesses here," said Blundell. "I think the intent and the desire has been strong for much longer than I've been around."

City Manager Isaac Turner said they have worked hard to bring people and businesses to town.

"We have a lot of new development which we're excited about,” said Turner.

Turner said they will now host a Growth Summit on March 2 at the Williamson County Expo Center.

"To get input from our population about growth in terms of what should our neighborhoods look like what should our corridors look like, what should our downtown look like," said Turner.

The meeting will go from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is open not only to Taylor residents but to anyone interested in investing in the town's future.