With each twist and turn and the faint touch of needles, Shawnee Kunz transforms yarn into useful items through her knitting.

"I've always been a crafter,” she said.

You could say it runs in the family.

"My dad makes ropes and knives and guns and my mother can sew anything and cook anything, said Kunz. “With all of that, you have your own craft. And so mine was yarn."

Not only does she own “The Knitting Cup" shop in Georgetown, but the former teacher remembers years ago in her classroom, "One kid said, 'You know, I would give anything if someone would make me a hat,'” said Kunz. “I only had 13 kids in that class and I thought, 'Psh … that is nothing. I'll make hats.'"

Over the years, it has grown from 13 to 100 children.

She and her customers knitted and gave away 100 hats for Annie Purl Elementary School students this Christmas.

"It's great!” Kunz said. “To see those little kids and they're so happy.”

Kunz knits for hospitals, non-profits and people in need.

"I had a customer come in Saturday and her cousin is going through chemo treatments,” said Kunz. “Well, when you hear that, you know, why should somebody suffer? So she got a hat. She got a hat. It was great.”

Kunz uses hats to help. She encourages anyone this Christmas season to use their talents to give.

"There's always a need out there,” she said.

Whether it is knitting, sewing, crocheting or just time.

“Sometimes you just have to sit back and be quiet and listen to what people need.”