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Duty released from Williamson County Jail for good behavior

Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty was released early from the Williamson County Jail Monday morning.
Jana Duty

GEORGETOWN, Texas – Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty was released from the Williamson County Jail early Monday morning for good behavior, according to Duty's First Assistant Mark Brunner.

Duty spent the weekend behind bars after turning herself in on Friday to serve a sentence for contempt of court. A judge sentenced her to 10 days in jail and a $500 fine after being found guilty on four counts of contempt of court Aug. 6. After being found guilty in the Aug. 6 hearing, Duty was fingerprinted and released on bond. She surrendered her bond Friday.

Duty's attorney said she has satisfied the terms of the sentence, despite spending only five days in jail. An inmate gets a two-day credit for every one day served if they follow the rules, and they don't have to serve an entire day to get a day's worth of credit.


Duty got two days for the first day she spent time at the jail getting booked in and bonded out, and eight days credit for being in jail Friday through Monday morning.

Duty received the contempt of court charges for violating a gag order in a 2009 Cedar Park murder case, and then failing to appear in court to discuss the violation while prosecuting the Crispen Harmel murder trial.

After a mistrial in that murder case, Harmel's attorney accused her of withholding evidence. She testified that she spoke to a newspaper as a way to defend herself against that allegation.

Duty is expected back at work on Tuesday.

Details on the Jana Duty case:




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