Mallory Davis is spreading holiday cheer a little bit early this year.

She’s collecting money, and using it to buy Christmas Trees. Then, she delivers them right to the front door of those in need.

"It was just so much fun to see how excited those kids were, it was just really great,” said Davis. "I left happy, I mean, who couldn't be happy, you know, you're seeing all these children with smiling faces excited to put up their tree they wouldn't have probably otherwise had. So it's just a great feeling, I mean, you're making these little kids feel great. That makes me feel great."

She started her organization, "The Gifting Tree," just a few weeks ago.

She's raised more than $500 and purchased 10 pre-lit trees, complete with ornaments, bows and a tree skirt.

"I think the gift of giving is so strong and I think that people will be just as happy with having that Christmas tree in their home to sparkle and light up their living room all season long,” she said.

Davis said the idea came to her after she talked to her mom, who is a teacher, about all the students she's had who have never had a Christmas tree.

"My mom teaches children that are young adults, that are 16 and 17, so they've gone that long of their lives without a Christmas tree and it's just so sad to me," she said. "It's the best part of the year.”

Davis said she knows there are organizations for families to get gifts, but hasn't seen one for them to get a tree.

"I feel, you know, that there's places that donate turkeys for Thanksgiving, and coats for kids, and Brown Santa and Blue Santa," said Davis. "So there's all that already and there's just nothing to make sure that a family has a tree, and it's the best part of the holidays.”

And it’s something she hasn’t heard of before.

"I think I picked Christmas trees because I just don't think there's an organization out there that does that," she said. "You know, I looked into it, I did my research, I was like, 'Is there a way that people can get a tree without having the funds?' And I just didn't find anything upon my research. So, you know, if a family's really in need, are they going to find it? So I was like, I'm going to start it."

If you want to donate to Davis' efforts, visit her GoFundMe page here.