Photos capture plans to make the Historic University Medical Center at Brackenridge campus downtown a vision of a model healthy community.

A public meeting Thursday held by Central Health, the company who owns the property is proposing to redevelop the 14-acre land.

When UMC-Brackenridge moves in May to the new Dell Seton Medical Center across the street the site will eventually be transformed into sustainable mixed-use development. Central Health's Vice President Christie Garbe says it will include housing, a public market for entrepreneurs and walking and biking trails.

"We started this in 2014. This is a long project. We are looking maybe 10-20 years for completion because it is 14 acres and it's going to be about six blocks of redevelopment.," Garbe said.

Lupe Sosa attended the public meeting. Sosa said she hopes the new project is not just about creating tall buildings.

"It's exciting to see our tax dollars at work, but we need to keep in mind the under-represented community in East Austin and South Austin. What are they getting out of this?" Sosa said.

According to Central Health officials in Travis County, 18 percent of the population under the age of 65 are uninsured.

"This redevelopment will help them continue health care for those who need it the most," Garbe said.

As the property is redeveloped, money from leases will fund health care services for low-income Travis County residents. Central Health is going through the zoning process. The company plans to hold a number of community meetings before going in front of city council in March or April.

For more information on the UMC Brackenridge redevelopment, go here.