WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas -- Williamson County officials and the FBI continue to investigate after a renter left behind ammunition and bomb making materials at a rental home in the Brushy Creek area.

Law enforcement evacuated the area Monday while they performed a controlled detonation in the neighborhood.

The property manager called police after finding the materials while cleaning out the home between renters.

David Mintz with the Texas Apartment Association, which has 11,000 members in the state who own or manage more than 2 million rental units, told KVUE if renters violate the law, that could be a reason for eviction.

He also said if you conduct a business from the rental property or don't pay rent, landlords could have the right to kick you out.

But he wants people to know that renters should still have their day in court, and can fight those allegations before being kicked off of the property.

"In addition to paying rent on time, certainly things like abiding by the law are things the residents should be doing. If someone does violate the law, that could be a cause for eviction," said Mintz. "It's important to keep in mind that even when there's an alleged violation of the lease, that the tenant still has their day in court."

That process can include a hearing in front of a judge.

As for property owners, he said there's a fine line with making sure your property is OK and not invading a renter's privacy.

"You always want to be conscious of someone's privacy, so you're not going to just go into someone's rental unit looking for things. But at the same time, owners should be watching out if they see things where they suspect illegal activity. There are things they can be looking out for to be mindful whether or not they ought to be contacting the police," said Mintz.

Some of the things the TAA tells property owners to look out for:

- If a renter is getting suspicious packages.

- If there are lots of people coming and going at all hours of the day.

- If there are weird smells coming from the rental property.

- If a renter pays in all cash.