AUSTIN -- What is queso?

That's a question you'll likely never hear in Austin, but on TV gameshow "Jeopardy!" it's a question that could earn you $400.

Hometown taco joint Torchy's Tacos has become so popular that it not only has expanded to locations across multiple states, it's even become the topic of a question on the long-running trivia show.

Torchy's shared a clip from its moment of fame, where host Alex Trebek asks the cheesy question after contestant Erika chooses "Chips" for $400.

"If I'm down Austin way, I say goodbye to my chips after dunking them in this cheesy dip, like the one at Torchy's."

Erika didn't disappoint Austinites, correctly answering "What is queso?" to secure the prize.

Who knew being cheesy could be so easy?


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