Seventy years ago, WFAA signed on the air. If you're lucky enough to live 70 years, you'll see yourself change.

We're sharing a few of our memories to tell you what this anniversary means to us. 

The current KERA building was that first home for WFAA, but things would change once more. The building we come to work in today on Young Street changed everything.

Mayor R.L. Thornton helped break ground on a building so state-of-the-art in the new industry called television that it hosted, 60,000 tours in the first month after in opened in 1961.

It's a building that has seen a lot of faces and a lot of stories -- the ones that made us cry, left us shocked, gave us hope and made us jump for joy. 

Seventy years will change a lot. It's changed you. It's changed us.

One thing is still very much the same as when that ribbon was cut in 1949.

We are here for North Texas working for all alike. 

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