It seems like the whole country, except for Patriots fans, wants the Eagles to win this year's Super Bowl. But people in Westlake have another reason.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is an Austin native and played for Westlake High School. Shirts bearing his name and image have been sold all week at the high school.

The shirts were designed by Foles’ mother and benefit the Chaparral Club and the Longhorn Paralysis Foundation. They feature Westlake’s logo on the front, Nick Foles on the back.

KVUE spoke with Foles’s former offensive coach, Steve Ramsey, who is now Westlake High School’s principal.

"I think the most I remember about Nick was how competitive he was and also what a leader he became that year,” said Ramsey.

That year Ramsey is referring to was back when Foles was a senior and quarterback.

Ramsey coached Foles when his teammate, offensive lineman Matt Nader's heart went into ventricular fibrillation.

“I think they had a special bond,” Ramsey said.

Nader survived thanks to an automatic external defibrillator.

“I think Nick learned right then and there that there's a whole lot more to life than just football,” said Ramsey.

Foles is also known for his faith and close relationship with family and friends.

"There's a level of respect people have for Nick because he's so genuine,” said Ramsey.

Who he is on and off the field inspires young players like Taylor Anderson, Westlake's current quarterback.

“Given the fact that he's always been an underdog and I've always been the same – Westlake quarterback also,” said Anderson, “it gives a lot of confidence for him and myself as well."

Part of the current Westlake team stopped by the stand Friday to get a shirt designed by Foles' mother.

And as the nation watches this weekend, friends like Ramsey remember what they have learned from Foles.

"You should always have a choice in how things kind of work out,” said Ramsey.