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Walkout at Murchison Middle School | "Spread love, not hate, we just want to graduate."

During the walkout, the students can be heard chanting their slogan, "Spread love, not hate, we just want to graduate."

Students at Murchison Middle School participated in a walkout Wednesday at 2 p.m. to encourage spreading love instead of hate in light of school safety.

The students chanted the slogan "Spread love, not hate, we just want to graduate," throughout the walkout.

Carter Hull, an eighth-grader and student body president, helped organize the walkout.

"If you see someone that is going through a rough time, be the person that makes a difference, give them a compliment and you could be the person that changes even, maybe their lives," he said.

The walkout comes after 17 students and staff were killed and more than a dozen were injured in a shooting in Parkland, Florida Feb. 14.

"I think this is their way of kind of trying to take back their safety in their building," said Principal Brad Clark. "And I think by doing it through acts of kindness, that's the best way we can do this."